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Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

Use the At Home Body Fat Scale to help your members reach their weight loss/gain goals in the privacy of their own homes. The At Home Body Fat Scale can be packaged in a program or included in membership fees as a way to attract and retain members. Utilize this and the SmartScale+ (DB220/DB221) to easily organize and manage 90-day challenges within your facility. The connectivity of Accuro products with the Accuro Health App makes it simple to implement and manage the complicated program. Accuro helps you improve the member experience and increase member satisfaction.




Not yet available in Latin America!


Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

  • Model: FL301

  • Features and Specifications:

  • Scale measures body fat, water hydration level, and BMI

  • Metallic film technology

  • Eight user accounts can be registered in the scale memory.  “USER” button is designed to toggle between registered users for easy identification.

  • An unlimited number of non-registered users can obtain their body fat, water hydration level and other biometric measurements from the scale by using Accuro Health App

  • Memory stores the 50 most recent offline measurements per account

  • Automatic synchronization of offline memory to smart devices when connected

  • Registered User can be automatic identified by proprietary algorithm

  • Free Accuro Health App for Android and iOS smart devices allows user to create a profile and record his or her data

Adjustable Heart Rate Monitor Strap:

Weight             10 lbs

Dimensions      15 × 16 × 3 in

Color                 White, Black