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Apple Watch Adapter


The Accuro FLOW is a brand new device that allows your members to utilize their Apple Watch® with your Accuro system! Your members want to be able to utilize the tools they already have at their disposal, so why not let them?

Not yet available in Latin America!


Accuro Apple Watch Adapter

Unlocks heart rate from your Apple Watch® and opens it up to a world of possibilities:

  • Our Accuro FLOW Apple Watch® app broadcasts your heart rate data to the FLOW receiver

  • The FLOW re-broadcasts the heart rate data it receives from the FLOW Apple Watch® app over ANT+

  • Use the FLOW receiver to allow your member to fully utilize the Accuro system

  • Small form factor powered by a coin cell battery

Addtional Information

Weight               .10 lbs

Dimensions    .4 × .2 × .4 in

Size                  SmallLargeExtra Large